Every now and then, I get that unfortunate phone call. You know the one – when your best friend has had her heart broken by a boy. You try to comfort her and reassure her that she will indeed date again, but she knows differently; she’ll just become a lesbian, she says, then dating will be so much easier!

Unfortunately sexuality is not governed by convenience, but if it were, every woman would be a fellow lady-lover, and here’s why:

1) The sex is better 


Because who knows a woman’s body better than another woman?

2) Double your wardrobe

Secondhand-clothes-kthread-flickr (1)

What’s mine is yours, and your beautiful dress from ASOS is mine.

3) Period sympathy


The pains of PMS are real, and your partner knows this all too well. She probably has ice-cream in the freezer ready for this very occasion. What’s that sound? Oh that’s her boiling the kettle and readying your hot water bottle.

4) No unexpected pregnancies


Can’t find a condom? Forgot to take your birth control? Fear not!

5) The sex is SO much better


Wait, what?! Sex doesn’t have to end after the male ejaculates? Extraordinary…

6) No more “man-flu”


Great news – you’re both immune! So there’s no whining in this house #WomanUp

7) Observant 


Had your hair cut, bought a new dress, tinted your eyebrows? She knows.

8) Less mess


Stubble in the sink? Pee on the floor? Forget about it!

9)  What’s that poking me in the back?


Awww, it’s just your new girlfriend trying to wake you up for breakfast in bed. And she bought you a kitten!! What a great girlfriend.

10) Seriously – the sex.


Of course this is just for laughs – not all lesbian relationships are perfect, and ‘going gay’ won’t fix your relationship issues (the sex is better though). Queer/straight, we all have our pet peeves, which don’t discriminate against gender/sexuality. So, what do you appreciate most about your relationship? Do you wish your girlfriend/boyfriend would do some things differently? Leave a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter.

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