The questioning to realisation phase was a dark time. Remember all those awkward crushes on your best-friends, their mums and your teachers? Ever fall in love with the odd movie/TV character or musician? Just a couple?

I asked a group of twenty-somethings to give their top teen lesbian crushes. See if yours made the list!


Scary, Baby, Posh, Ginger and Sporty – The Spice Girls


Lucy: ‘The reason I’m such a good kisser is thanks to Geri Halliwell…’



Amy: ‘She’s just fucking amazing, seriously. Her music is good too – really inspiring. But yeah, her body is banging.’

Natasha Lyonne – Megan


Adele: ‘The film made me laugh at homophobia at a time when I was terrified of it. I have so much respect for Natasha, and I just find her hilarious. A good sense of humour is a sure way to make me fall instantly in love with you, thanks Ellen, Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Lawrence. Did I mention she’s beautiful?’

Ellen – Ellen




Hilary Swank – Brandon Teena


Tina: ‘I’ve snuck a few of my own in here! I fell in love with Hilary, literal love, after she played this character. I have so much respect for people who play characters that represent the marginalised when they don’t necessarily have to. She used her profile to shine a light on transphobia and I just think that’s amazing. Now marry me, Hilary.’

Lara Croft – Tomb Raider


Sarah: ‘I used to throw her into walls just to hear her moan. Shame the rumours about her getting naked at the end of the game were false, though.’

Lizzy Caplan – Janice Ian


Tasha: ‘I saw Mean Girls when I was 12 years old and I became obsessed with Janice Ian. Maybe it was the well stylish hair style and the thick black eyeliner *hint of sarcasm*. Either way – yes please.’

Jennifer Aniston – Rachel


Tina: ‘I don’t think you could ever make Jennifer Aniston look unattractive – age has surely done nothing! Even “pre-nose job Rachel” was hot!’

Lenora Crichlow – Sugar


Hannah: ‘So sexy and is basically the epitome of all my straight girl crushes – her allure is mostly to do with how unattainable (straight) she is.’

Angelina Jolie – Gia

Gia - Preis der Schönheit / Gia

Laura: ‘She’s literally the most amazing person ever. If there is such a thing, she’s like “the perfect woman”, you know? She’s just amazing.’

Tegan and Sara


Becca: ‘Just Tegan, though. What’s more to say? I am just obsessed. I’ve watched every music video and interview in existence.’

Sarah Shahi – Carmen


Sorcha: *deep in thought, looks off into the distance and sighs* ‘Yeahhhhh.’

Lily Loveless and Kathryn Perscott – Naomi and Emily


Hannah: ‘I think the 4th season really destroyed their relationship – I hated the writers! I think one of my first troll tweets was to Channel 4’s profile, about how much I hated what they were doing to the pair. Naomily for life.’

Melissa Joan Heart – Sabrina


Lucy: ‘Think about it – you could have sex in all the different realms! Once you get rid of Salem, obviously.’

Salma Hayek – Frida


Hannah: ‘Ahh! Just look at the mono-brow and how she doesn’t conform to popular conventions of beauty! I’m so much more cultured thanks to this film – I knew nothing about her art until I watched it. The sexy dance scene was the bit that hooked me, but it was actually a great film that I think all women should see, straight or gay.’

 Kim – Kim Possible


Amy: ‘She was so badass! And gingers are fucking hot.’

Sarah Michelle Gellar – Buffy


Becca: ‘Greatest show ever, firstly. She was just so real – this kick-arse, amazing role model for women. She still had breakdowns and stuff, and she wasn’t your typical “man’s idea of a perfect woman”, and that’s what I loved. She was a really well-written character.’

Raven-Symoné – Raven


Siobhan: ‘I was a bit obsessed with her, like I loved everything about her! Hair, body, I reckon the whole psychic thing as well – she knew everything!’

Lauryn Hill – Rita Watson


Tina: ‘I firstly fell in love with her attitude and the fact that she stuck her teacher’s arse to the chair – even though the victim was my other love, Whoopi. Then I heard her sing and became obsessed! I followed her solo music career, and material with The Fugees. I even bought the MTV Unplugged album!’

Ellen Page – Juno


Sarah: ‘My 15 year-old self even thought Ellen was giving out some powerful lesbian vibes. I thought Juno was really cool as a teen – I liked her vintage style and the way she sat pretending to smoke a pipe. I wanted her to sit with me on that old chair. And sit on her face.’

Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu – Charlie’s Angels


Sorcha: ‘Three beautiful and strong women with Destiny’s Child – Survivor playing in the background – perfect. Oh my god! Destiny’s Child!’

Kelly, Beyonce and Michelle – Destiny’s Child


Sorcha: ‘Similar to Charlie’s Angels in a way. I’d so bang them all. That’s it.’

Parminder Nagra and Kiera Knightley – Jess and Jules


Tina: ‘The ultimate lesbian power couple that never was! I watched it countless times, each time hoping for a different ending and imagining a scene where they both eloped and lived happily ever after. There must be some decent fan-fiction floating around…’

Avril Lavigne


Amy: ‘She didn’t look like a lot of the other pop singers at the time, really unique. And the skater-chick look was so hot.’

Claire Danes – Juliet


Sarah: ‘I felt really inappropriate watching Romeo and Juliet in a classroom full of people, with all these dirty thoughts about Claire Danes popping in my head. Definitely made GCSE English more interesting, though.’

 Harley Quin


Tasha: ‘As a kid a would scour Batman comics for her appearance. I’m still obsessed to this day and I’m collecting her new leader comic book series. She’s just a kick-arse woman; so much sass and so much care at the same time. Her and poison Ivy are also blatantly lovers… at least that’s what I tell myself.’

Olivia Wilde – Alex Kelly


Becca: ‘That lesbian role was just perfect – the whole relationship was. Olivia hasn’t really been is any great films since, but I still will watch the movies that she stars in. Like I sat through the whole of Jennifer’s Body, even though it was terrible – but Megan Fox!’

Kristen Stewart – Joan Jett


Laura: ‘She was my 14 year old “I don’t know if I want to be her or be with her” kind of crush.’

Beth Ditto – The Gossip


Tina: ‘I was a goth teen and a budding feminist-lesbian, so obviously I loved Beth Ditto! Definitely Google searched for her on-stage tit-flash pictures way back in the day.’

Lena Headey and Piper Perabo – Luce and Rachel


Laura: ‘This is another film I watched when I was trying to figure out my sexuality. I decided to watch every lesbian film. Ever. I thought Lena’s character was really hot, Rachel was a bit annoying though.’

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