This video captures the moment when Daniel Pearce, 19, decided to be open about his sexuality with his family. Sadly, Daniel is met with ignorance and intolerance and, ultimately,  disowned by his family.

This incredibly upsetting footage reveals a sad truth, which so many teens are sadly subjected to – homophobia within the home.

In the video, Daniel is a victim of both verbal and physical homophobic abuse. Utterly heartbreaking, Daniel is given an ultimatum – go to pray away the gay camp, or continue to choose to be gay, and subsequently lose his family.

The extent to which an individual can choose who they find attractive, or begin relationships with, has been used to attack the gay community for decades.

This immensely ignorant viewpoint paints sexuality in a very simplistic light; the argument from the other side being, ‘I don’t care about your happiness, as long as I am more comfortable with your chosen lifestyle’.

Is it not time that we stop pandering to this argument, by reeling off evidence from different social-science studies on the formation of sexual attractions? Instead, let’s accept that there is a degree of choice and demand, in this day and age, why this is an issue?


Though I did not choose my sexuality, in fact for years I tried to be straight, I did have a choice over which lifestyle I would pursue; unhappy and heterosexual or confident, content and gay.

Though I do not agree that someone would simply choose to be gay,  I do also recognise that there is not one shared story between the entire gay community; personal development is just that, personal.

Why is so much energy being poured into discussing the so called ’causes’ of homosexuality, as though it were a disease and if we could discover the root cause, we could find the cure?

Are there not far greater ways to spend our time and efforts, rather than by offering sorry explanations and apologies for our personal lifestyles to bigoted homophobes? Let’s stop saying, ‘I can’t help it’, and instead declare ‘you don’t have to agree with my life choices, but you will be respectful’.

In a progressive society, you might expect that we had moved past the argument of ‘who started it?’, and instead learn to accept and celebrate social diversity.

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