Intelligent, sexy and extremely talented Janelle Monae brings the funk and soul to Brixton!

An energetic execution to rival that of Little Richard and Michael Jackson; Janelle Monae delivered an exceptional performance last night, leaving the audience in awe of her immense passion and talent.

Brought to the stage wearing a straightjacket, Monae is brought to life by the crowds cheers, as she opens the show with ‘Givin Em What They Love’ – a perfect reflection of the atmosphere within the venue.



Through her android character and alter-ego Cindi Mayweather, queen of pop-politics, Janelle Monae, addresses a variety of social issues within her music, such as sexism, racism, classism and homophobia.

As the instrumental introduction to ‘Cold War’ plays, which is one of the most popular hits from her previous album entitled ‘The Archandroid’, Monae holds up several signs stating: ‘#BringBackOurGirls’.


‘project Q.U.E.E.N is a freedom movement disguised as songs, emotion pictures and works of art.’

Monae then discusses the current global mistreatment of women, specifically the recent event in which 276 young girls were kidnapped from their school by extremists in Nigeria.

Monae stresses the importance of education and equality, and states:  ‘you better know what you’re fighting for’ – a powerful line from the song ‘Cold War’.


Monae also pays homage to the working-class community and her parents, whose mother worked as a janitor and father as a truck driver,  through the running black and white theme, which she describes as her ‘uniform’.

Though some of the topics that Monae discusses through her music are very serious, she does it in such a way to make it a fun and uniting experience of celebrating the ‘other’.

An incredible moment of the show was the performance of ‘Prime Time’, which is an extremely popular track from Monae’s current record ‘The Electric Lady’.

Also being one of my own personal favourites, I had eagerly awaited the rendition – and I was not left disappointed!

The guitar arrangement was amazing and when the beat dropped before the second verse the whole room felt the love. It might even have been, dare I say it, better than the original!


Janelle Monae played a variety of hits from Both ‘The Archandroid’ and ‘The Electric lady’, including ‘Q.U.E.E.N’, ‘Dance Apocalyptic’, and ‘Tightrope’.

Trying to decide my favourite moment of the concert is like tying to trying to decide my favourite colour of M&M’s – impossible! Although touching Janelle Monae’s bottom was definitely one of my personal highlights (call me a perv, or a misogynist, whatever! If Janelle Monae’s rear is gliding, unsupported above your head, you ‘support’ it).


The night just kept getting better: from gracing us with her amazing live vocals, to walking in the crowd, crowd surfing, and initiating a giant pillow fight – Monae made sure that no ‘fandroids’ were left feeling less than amazed.

The crowd definitely appreciated Monae’s efforts, and seemed to reflect the running theme of acceptance and unity.

It might all sound very ‘hippie’ and pretentious, but you could feel that everyone in the room just came to share in their love for great music; there was no awful moshing or drink throwing, just swaying and singing.


Brixton may have a bad reputation, but never before have I heard someone shout during an interlude: ‘Has anyone lost their glasses?’.

The entire audience left on a natural high, which stayed with us long into the night. People were discussing the experience and sharing their pictures  on the tube… I mean, strangers talking to one another on the tube – what the fuck?!

I would certainly recommend getting tickets to see Janelle Monae if you have the opportunity, the only possible downfall is the strong likelihood that no other live performance might ever top it – what an experience!


#WCE – Woman Crush Everyday!