The Undateables returns for a third series of misfit matchmaking, with an even greater diversity of social outcasts for us to laugh at.


The third series of The Undateables aired tonight at 9pm. The popular reality show returned with it’s usual format of pairing off the strange with the unusual – I wonder what crazy stuff they will say this time!


Episode one focused on the very short, the very ugly and the very socially awkward, all of which are destined to live a life of loneliness, were it not for the helping hand of the generous and selfless Undateables’ staff and producers.

Disguised as a dating show for the odd and ostracised, The Undateables follows participants as they struggle to integrate fully within society or follow the socially acceptable customs of dating, in order to find love.


The show does give you a brief back story of the show’s participants and their previous struggle to find love, but the real entertainment comes when they meet their blind date.

The dates give host to an entertaining mixture of exaggerated awkward silences and forced conversation, which we love to cringe and laugh at.


But it’s o.k, they chose to be a part of the programme, and there is absolutely no way that any of these individuals could be manipulated into believing their condition is not being exploited purely for our entertainment.

Surprisingly, some of the matched pairs are not, in fact, perfect matches. Who could have guessed that two people who share a social disorder might not actually have anything else in common?


At it’s best, The Undateables is unapologetically patronising and if you have to ask if something might be exploitive or wrong, it probably is.