A study reveals that over a quarter of Britons believe that a woman deserves to be raped if she is wearing ‘sexy’ or revealing clothing. 

ICM conducted telephone interviews across the country, which involved 1,095 people, aged 18 and above. According to the study, 30% of participants also believed that a woman is responsible for being raped if she is drunk and 22% held similar beliefs if the woman had had many sexual partners.

It is shocking to see that these opinions still exist in modern society; just this year Nick Ross, creator of Crime Watch, found himself in hot water, as he suggested that ‘not all rape is rape’ if the woman is drunk or leads a man on.

There are many issues surrounding this sexist and old-fashioned mind set; not only does it assume that all women are seductresses unless they are sober and dress like librarians, but it also implies that men have no control over their sexual desires.

Am I to assume that all men are sexual predators, and live my life in such a way, so as not to stir these beasts? Is a woman in a bikini, sunbathing on a beach asking to be raped? Can a woman not simply change her mind?

Though, in an ideal world, we would all be safe from sexual or physical attacks, this is not reality. Tragedies happen, but who is ‘deserving’ of sympathy and support should not be based on what someone was wearing, whether they were alone or how many previous partners they have had.

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