At just 20 years old, this American blonde bombshell has already taken social media by storm! 

Like many other ambitious youngsters, eager to achieve their dreams of becoming a popstar, Tori began posting videos of her singing on YouTube in the hopes of being spotted. Since the dramatic rise in fame of Justin Bieber, who was discovered by his record label after gaining millions of hits on his Youtube videos, more people than ever now use the social media site in hopes of reaching the same level of success.

Millions of people now post various videos on YouTube, making it even harder to discover new talent. However, Tori Kelly caught the eyes and ears of this global audience back in 2012, through her cover of Frank Ocean‘s song Thinkin’ About You, which now boasts over 16 million views.

Since then she has gone on to write and produce her own music. Tori released her first EP, entitled Handmade Songs (as the EP was recorded in her home studio) in 2012. Tori no longer just had YouTube followers, she now had fans that were buying her own music.

Tori’s determination and independence is inspiring, and even greater than that, she appears to remain humble and genuinely grateful for everyone’s support. Recently she has been recording new music and has been working with massive stars, such as Will.I.Am and Ed Sheeran. She is also currently doing a small tour in the UK, and I managed to catch her performance at the O2 Academy in Islington, where she sang to a sold out crowd.

Tori’s live vocal ability was jaw dropping;at one point she had to stop singing after the crowd went crazy during her cover of Michael Jackson’s song PYT. Tori stood with just a microphone and her guitar, and despite not pouring money into backup singers, dancers, acrobats or any of the other extravagant and over the top production you might find common amongst popstars arena tours nowadays, we were all thoroughly entertained and left wanting to hear more!

Tori’s intimate performance warmed the hearts of many cold Londoners that evening, and I am sure that her shy but endearing personality would have earned her a couple of fans for life, myself being one of them!

tori kelly