It’s essay season and of course I have left everything until the very last minute. My sudden interest in writing this blog entry is solely to avoid said essays and still feel as though I am doing something remotely productive – so here goes!

Students get quite a bad rep. for being lazy and, though I hate to promote stereotyping, it is true. Not all students of course, but there is a definite… shall we say… lack of motivation among the majority of my peers. Awfully, I find it of great comfort when my friends are also falling behind with their studies and if they aren’t, then I will do my best to distract them – which basically means that if I were to ever fall off a cliff, I would probably drag whoever was closest down with me.

Personally, what I find most distracting are friends, food, YouTube, Social networks and even tidying my room – depending on how difficult the essay is. Chocolate biscuits are definitely my comfort food and why is it that Jeremy Kyle seems so much more interesting when I have a 3000 word essay on print regulation due in?!

My focus (or lack of) haunted me throughout my GCSE’s and A levels, but compared to my degree, they were a bit easier to ‘blag’. Something that greatly complicates things is being forbidden from using my old and somewhat trustful friend – Wikipedia. I really miss the good old days of googling my essay questions, using footnotes instead of the Harvard Referencing System and having 1000 word essays.

My most active writing hours are probably between midnight and 4am – this is usually when I start to panic as I have waisted another day watching countless online cat videos. Like many students I have employed the ‘fake deadline’ tactic to try and motivate myself, but I always know that I am lying. Despite the severe anxiousness and panic I feel while desperately trying to finish my essay hours before the deadline, I somehow manage to complete it to a reasonable standard. Though I will continue to complain and swear that I will start  my essay well in advance next time, for now I just remind myself that diamonds are made under pressure. Happy writing!