Time to address the sexuality double-standard, which treats gay men as sexually aggressive perverts and lesbians as conquests.

Porn culture has helped to create some warped and distorted views regarding sexuality; society still revolves around the ideals of the man, and he has a very sensitive ego. There is, therefore, no possible way that a woman could have an orgasm without a penis (plastic or otherwise) being involved.

Good illustrations of this are available through many media examples within popular culture, where men and women’s sexuality are treated very differently; through Katy Perry we have seen how sexuality can be used in order to promote record sales.

Though ‘bisexual’ Perry may like kissing girls, promoters are keen to make everyone who buys into this image aware that she would, in fact, rather have sex with men.

However, we have also seen how sexuality can be somewhat damaging to a musical career;  T-Pain recently spoke about homophobia within the music industry, mainly within hip-hop culture, where male artists are often boycotted if they identify as gay or bisexual.


Frank Ocean, like Katy Perry, also identifies as bisexual and sings about kissing people of the same gender, but has subsequently suffered at the hands of prejudice.

It is as though buying Frank Ocean’s music is an admission of holding suppressed homosexual fantasies, and no self-respecting straight men should even think about going to his concerts; it would be like taking a shower in prison – whatever you do, don’t drop your wallet, you know what these perverted gays are like!


Lesbian and bisexual women are often represented as mostly straight, but occasionally experiment with other women, whereas gay and bisexual men are portrayed as mostly gay, but occasionally have girlfriends in an attempt to hide their sexual orientation.

This kind of sexuality double-standard is not just something that I write about, but something that I, and many other individuals who identify as LGB (lesbian, gay or bisexual), experience almost daily.


Firstly, you can put the violins down; I am not asking for sympathy or pity, just simply demonstrating my frustration with porn-fed, close-minded individuals, which there are far too many of.

For example, I learned pretty fast that it was a lot easier telling horny boys in clubs that I’m ‘in a relationship’, as opposed to ‘I’m a lesbian’, as apparently all they hear is: ‘I’m a challenge’, ‘I’m a cock tease’, or ‘threesome!’.

But as I have said, it’s not a matter of life and death and I do not lose sleep over it, it’s just fucking annoying when nobody takes your relationship seriously because drunk girls decide to play gay at clubs, and snog their girl friends for the benefit of all the leering men.

However, I cannot imagine that two men kissing in a straight bar would receive the same sort of positive attention, from men or women, and again, it is as though just being comfortable with another’s sexuality will result in having your own sexual orientation questioned.


I have heard heterosexual men state how two men kissing ‘turns their stomach’, but they would happily watch two women. But what is so repulsive, are you scared you might like it? Because I’ve never heard a homosexual person question their own sexuality, after watching a heterosexual couple kiss.

Another thing that I found quite frustrating recently is the reaction to Ellen Page (Juno) coming out, sorry to piss all over your equality parade, but seeing the massive media reaction to Page ‘outing’ herself marked as a step back, rather than a step forward, for me – I actually look forward to a time where honesty is not so ground breaking.

Ellen Page

Though this was probably not her intention, I am fairly certain that this move will reignite an otherwise relatively quiet career and I now await the headlines of: ‘Lesbian Actress Ellen Page Stars in New Romantic Comedy, Alongside Amber Heard‘, or ‘Lesbian Actress Ellen Page Seen Walking With Unknown Attractive Female, New Girlfriend?‘, or more simply ‘Lesbian Actress Ellen Page Leaves Apartment to Buy Milk‘.

This media obsession with sexuality doesn’t sit well in my stomach; it’s like when a racist declares how many ethnic friends they have, so therefore cannot possibly be prejudiced.

But what do you think, is homophobia such a burning current issue? I end this with a quote from my new favourite philosopher, T-Pain: ‘Attention all you homophobic idiots: if you’re not attractive to straight women, you’re probably not attractive to gay men. You can unclench now.’